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90 Acts of Kindness

In honor of our 90th anniversary, the staff, management and directors of People Driven Credit Union challenged ourselves to perform "90 Acts of Kindness" this year.

Some are big ... Some are small ... But all are good!

By sharing our kindness, we hope to create "Ripples of Kindness" that will inspire others to also be kind.  Our hope is that these ripples keep expanding and maybe even affect changes through the world.

Southfield HS Lunch Money.jpg

#90 - Lunch Money

The credit union, directors and staff of PDCU pooled their money to payoff $1,928 in unpaid lunch money accounts for students at Southfield High School, in honor of our founding in 1928!

#89 - Park & Walk

I would like to recognize Julio, our resident credit counselor from Greenpath.  I've noticed that every day, he parks in the very furthest parking place that he can.  He's walking further to get into the building so that others can have the good parking.

#88 - Dave Ramsey

The credit union paid $3,000 to sponsor two high schools for the Dave Ramsey, "Foundation in Personal Finance," a semester-long curriculum used to help educate students in smart money handling.

Untitled design (2).png

#86 - Will is the best!

I really appreciate our greeter/ security guard, Will.  He always goes the extra mile, by bringing my package deliveries up to my desk for me, even though I could come down to get them.  

Will is a great coworker!

#87 - Gas Station Help

At the gas station, the lady at the next pump was having trouble determining if she had enough to pay for her gas.  I noticed that the car looked like she might be living in it.  Inside the station, I asked her if I could pay for her gas.  She was very thankful as she didn't have the money available.

#84- Treat for a Busy Day

Knowing it would be a busy, stressful day, I made an afternoon snack of rosemary Garlic broasted potatoes for my department, to brighten their day.

#85 - IHOP Pay-it-Forward

While dining at IHOP, I informed my server that I wanted to pay the bill of one of her other tables.  The couple that she brought me the bill for was very thankful.  But when I went to check out, I was told that someone else had already paid for my bill!  Spreading the kindness!

#83 - MCUL KeKe Challenge

The staff of PDCU met the MCUL KeKe Challenge, creating our own #InMyFeelings video to earn a $500 donation by MCUL to the Children's Hospital of Michigan, Flint.

#82 - I received a gift from a coworker.  Thank you!

#81- Thanksgiving Breakfast

Six PDCU employees went to the Ronald McDonald House at the DMC Children's Hospital to make breakfast for the families staying there over Thanksgiving.

Ronald McDonald House.jpg

#79 - Purse Return

A lady left the gas station without her purse.  

I caught her and returned it before she pulled away.


#75 - Above & Beyond

One of our Service Reps went far above and beyond to assist their member who found themselves unexpectedly in need.

#80 - Kindness DURING a Kindness

While we were volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, I heard that one of the residents, whose son had been born 3 months premature, had lost his job due to having to be at the hospital.  I gave him some money to help him pay his phone bill so he could look for new work. 

#77- Kindness Tabs

Staff from all PDCU branches saved our pop tabs for the whole year.  We dropped them off at the Ronald McDonald House in Detroit. They cash them in to buy supplies.

#78 - Help When Needed

I noticed a lady in a handicap shopping cart having trouble getting her groceries loaded into her car.  I stopped to help her load her car and she was very appreciative.

#76 - Fleece and Thank You

during our annual staff training day, the entire staff participated in making 20 fleece blankets to donate to "Fleece and Thank You" a non-profit group that takes blankets to hospitals around Michigan, so that every child  being admitted to the hospital will have something warm and friendly in their room.

Beaumont Children's Hospital in Royal Oak has an amazing program running through December. Volunteers come every night with flashlights to shine back at the children in the hospital to wish them a good night.  It gives the kids something to look forward to while they're stuck in the hospital during the holiday season.  I'm going to organize a group of coworkers and friends to participate.


#72 - Grocery Assist

 I was at Kroger and a man in a wheelchair needed help grocery shopping, so I proceeded to help him reach and pick up the items he needed. 

#74 - Unexpected Parents

A woman that my step-father knows (but I do not) just found out that her grandchildren had been placed in foster care in Arkansas and would never be able to return to their parents. They are in their late 60’s.  They drove  down there and all the way back with a 5 month old and 18 month old  boy. They were completely unaware and unprepared to face these challenges over Thanksgiving. They have come home with two very young little boys and nothing at all for them. I have gone through and am continuing to find more of my son's toys and clothes and am giving her everything we had saved in case we welcomed another little one into our family. We think they need these items more than we do!

Romeo Thanksgiving Donation.jpg

The purpose is to build relationships of mutual respect and support, to bridge cultural, religious and economic divides.     I am currently involved in sponsoring a woman who lives in Costa Rica, named Carmen.  People involved in the group can sponsor children for school, helping them from a young age to graduate education.  I selected a group that focuses on sponsoring the elders in various parts of Central America. 

Carol Unbound Sponsor of Carmen in Costa

In addition to a small monthly financial amount to help Carmen maintain her home and help with her family, I write to her and portray what life is like here in Michigan and she (with the help of her niece and translators) writes to me about life in a small and very poor village, called Silencia, in Costa Rica.  Part of the purpose is to help us understand the similarities that we all share and dispel some of the myths about people of different countries and cultures.  So, for the commitment of a small monetary stipend each month and the time to write and explain what life is like in Michigan and North America in general, we will hopefully teach each other about life thousands of  miles apart, but with similar goals for our families, churches and communities. 

Something I became involved with in the last six months is Unbound, an international nonprofit group run by lay Catholics to address the needs of the marginalized and vulnerable in 19 different countries.

#68 - Unbound

Amber ER treats.jpg

#71 - Thanksgiving Assist

When they heard that one of their members cooks a Thanksgiving meal for the homeless every year, the Romeo branch pooled their funds and bought him a $65 Kroger gift card to help purchase food for his holiday charity.

#70 - Nameste

One of our Warren/Romeo managers drove all the way over to Southfield to teach an after-work yoga class to any coworkers who wanted to stay.  It was a nice way to unwind and improve our bodies!

#69 - ER with Cream Cheese

On the Friday after Thankgiving, my kids and I took bagels and coffee to the ER by us to surprise the staff with a treat.

#67 - Keys to Kindness

Today a member locked his keys and phone in his car. He borrowed our phone to call his wife several times, but she didn’t answer her phone because she didn’t know the number that was calling her. So I drove him home to get his keys, and then back the credit union so he could get into his car.

front line happy.jpg

#66 - Lunch Buddies

I bought lunch for two coworkers on two different days.

#65 - Emotional Support

I always try to provide positive and encouraging feedback to the people around me, to encourage them to be the best version of themselves.

#64 - Free Coffee

I did a pay-it-forward at Starbucks

#63 - Pay-it-Forward-Paid-Forward

While getting my morning coffee and breakfast, I paid for the person behind me in line.  He was so surprised and pleased.  As I was leaving, I heard him paying for the person behind him, too!

#62 - Meals on Wheels

A close relative is battling cancer and is very weak.  I've been taking her at least one meal  every day, for several months, to help make her life easier in her time of need.

#61- Special Delivery

I take the mail to the USPS mailbox everyday on behalf of the members, to save us money.


#60 - Donut Surprise

An anonymous box of donuts was on my desk when I came in to work this morning!  I thought that was  a very nice surprise and it made me smile!

#58 - New Purse

One of my coworkers had a beautiful purse.  Every time I saw it, I complimented her on it.  One day, I came to work to find that my team had given me the same purse as a gift!  How sweet was that?!!! Thank you!

car shape

#59 - Dirty Car

My husband complained

about my dirty car.  The next 

morning, I discovered he'd got up early and

had it washed for me, before he went to work!

World Kindness Day.png

#56 - Every Vote Counts

I took off work early to take my handicapped brother to the polls, to vote.

#55 - Parking Courtesy

I let someone else have the parking spot that I had been waiting for.

#57 - Thanks Matt!

Matt is a great coworker who always goes above and beyond to assist everyone.  Four of us got together to get him a gift as a thank you for all of his help and knowledge.

#54 - Oh!  So that's why we do it?!

My son and I go around to our neighbors to help them put their patio sets away, rake leaves, etc. My child didn't understand why we do these things until last weekend. One neighbor we helped was a lady and her husband who live down the street. They have no children or family in this state.  Monday, we came home to a thank you card.  The wife stated how much she appreciated what we did. She said her husband has cancer and is in the middle of chemo and is very sick.  She works full time and takes care of him.  She said, because we helped her, she was able to spend time with her husband in his need.  My son had tears in his eyes and said, "We did good, mom."  Then he gave me a fist bump!  How rewarding!

#53 - Salvation Army Tradition

This time of year, the opportunity to do good is everywhere. One thing I do every Christmas season is that I have to put something in the bucket of every Salvation Army bellringer I see and it has to be paper money, not change.  So if I have a dollar in my wallet, I can put that in, but if a twenty is the only bill in my wallet, that goes in.  I have taught my kids and my grandkids to do the same things so now we all do it.  Hearing the bell ring reminds me that while I am shopping for presents, some people do not even have the basic needs.  So how can you not put something in the kettle?

#50 51 & 52 - 

Saturday Saviors

I would like to recognize 3 team members for helping out in a time of need.


When both Saturday drive-thru staff called in sick, leaving no one to work the branch, Kelly came in, even though she was on vacation that week.


Also - to help make sure there were multiple people in the building, Colleen and JR split the day and each came in for part of the shift.  Kindness and Team work.

Joanna sticky notes.jpg

#49 - Giftbasket

I made a food basket for a needy family, a grandmother who is raising her two grandchildren, with a sick husband.

#48 - Pretty Notes

I was off yesterday.  When I came in today this was on

my desk.  A pack of glitter sticky notes and a card.  Thank you for the nice surprise!

#47 - New Baby Help

A friend of mine recently had her first baby, and she was very scared bringing the baby home, because the father passed away before the baby was born, so she would be doing everything alone.  I stayed with her for the weekend to help her adjust to having an infant in her life.

#46 - Free Lunch

A group of us were ordering food, but there was one person who didn’t have the money, so I bought her food for her.

#45 - Cart Deposit

I occasionally shop at a grocery store where you  have to insert a quarter to use the shopping cart.  When you’re finished, you get it back.  I never take my quarter back.  Even though it’s not much, maybe the person after me won’t have the quarter they need to use a cart.

#44 - Emotional Kindness

My brother is deployed and my sister-in-law is having a hard time dealing with it.  She is feeling very depressed to the point of not being able to get out of bed .  My brother used to make her breakfast, so I got up, made her breakfast in bed.

It made her feel special and put a smile on her face.  (I HATE cooking!  So this was a big deal for me!)  Always striving to be kind.

#43 - PiF in 7-11

In 7-11, the man in front of me had to get out of line because his charge cards kept declining.  I paid for my purchase & told the cashier that I was paying for his as well.  The man said that I didn't have to do that, but I simply told him to pay-the-kindness-forward and walked out.  I felt good!

Kindness Huddle.jpg

#42- Auto Start

A member was experiencing problems with her car remote fob and was locked out of her car.  I fixed the key fob and the member was grateful for the help and for not having to call for assistance.

Pam Kathy and Alicia make food bags

#41- No-Waste Kindness Lunchbags

We had leftover rolls from a staff event.  Rather than letting it go to waste, my coworker went out to get meat, cheese and fruit and we used the bread to make sandwich sacks to give to homeless people

#40 - Homecoming Assistance

While shopping, my wife and I were approached by a young man asking for help selecting a suit.  After offering some pointers we then saw him struggling finding a matching shirt.  He said the suit was for his high school homecoming.  At checkout, we were behind him and he didn't have enough money for the purchase.  I consulted with my wife and we agreed to pay for his entire purchase.

#39 - Postal Treats

Our branch always makes sure that our postal carrier gets cookies and coffee when we have them our for our members.

#38 - Delivery Door

And when we see the UPS man coming with packages, we try to hold the door, to make it easier for him to bring them in.

Kimberly Happy Birthday Call.jpeg
Joanna Lunch Heart Note.jpg

#35 - Thanks for the good work!

I bought my department lunch for doing a great job!

#34 - We Are One Community

I donated multiple bags of clothing and shoes to, "We Are One Community" charity.

#37- Happy Birthday

While processing a member transaction from the night deposit box, One of my staff noticed that it was the member's Birthday.  She called and left a message, wishing the member a happy birthday!

I put a note in my husbands lunch

#36 - Lunch Note

#33 - Dinner with Friends

While dining out with several friends, I picked up the tab for everyone.

#32 - Is there a Doctor in the House?

I would like to thank Robin for her assistance.  My long-time doctor suddenly died and I was unable to get prescriptions refilled and couldn't find a new doctor that I liked.  Robin helped me by referring and highly recommending her family doctor.  I'm very grateful to Robin for the assistance.

Katie Davison.jpg

#31 - Luke Bryan - Microtia Awareness

My son was born with Microtia, a deformity of the ear that causes deafness on one side.
Friday November 9th is Microtia Awareness day. We purchased bracelets and are selling them for $5 each to donate back to the Ear Community. They use all donations to help children with Microtia get hearing aids if their families can’t afford them.
I was recently at the Luke Bryan concert and gave him one of the bracelets. He wore it while he performed so we were pretty excited about that! 

#30 - Member Assists

I took the time to walk an older member out to her car, when she wasn't feeling well.  Then held the door open for younger members on my way back in.

#29 - Working Late

I stayed after closing twice, to help members who came in at the end of the day.


#28 - Paying Respects

Over the weekend, I went to visit my mother in law’s gravesite on her birthday. As my husband and I looked around we noticed that flowers were toppled over, decorations were blown over and some were away from grave sites. We took it upon ourselves to straighten up the grave sites in the entire cemetery (it’s not a huge cemetery, but at least 50 to 75 sites) 

#27 - A Bed to Sleep On

A family at my church have two small boys (age 3 and 9) who have never had a bed, just mattresses on the floor.  I purchased and gave them the gift of two twin beds for the boys.

The 3 Ks Kela Kimberly Kelly at the food
Kimberly Food Bank.jpg
Kelly Food Bank.jpg

#26 - Ypsilanti's Three K's

Kimberly, Kelly and Kela recently spent the day volunteering at Victorious Life Church,

distributing groceries to the needy.

#24 - New Hire Gift

From a new employee:

"Yesterday I received a card and a coffee mug with it! I would like to thank the awesome person who gifted me! You are amazing!"

Just Because Cake.jpg

#23 - Coin Purse

Thank you Latrice,

for the coin purse

you left on my desk!

#22 - Paying Respects

I was moved to do an act of kindness for the friend of a friend.  This lady is older with grown children, but is going to have an unplanned baby girl.  Though she could use baby items, she wasn't planning a shower.  Friends planned her a surprise shower.  I put together a nice custom baby basket for my friend's friend.  I was happy to hear that it was very appreciated and helped her look forward to her coming, new daughter.

#25 - Just Because

My husband surprised me with my favorite cake!

A member came in to report his wallet stolen; Over the weekend his apartment had been broken into. The men tied him up, gagged him and ransacked his house.  They took his brand new computer, wallet, gaming console and his car. He had no renter’s insurance and only PLPD on his car. Two Ypsilanti staff members each gave him $50. One actually offered him a car that he was unable to accept. 

He such a nice guy. They wanted to help him any way they could.


#19 - Hot Dog Donations

During the Ypsilanti branch member appreciation hot dog day, a donation basket was set out.  Members volunteered $56 in donations for the ACA walk while getting their free hot dogs.

Making Strides Walk for Cancer.jpg

#18 - Pink Trinkets

The Ypsilanti branch went to dollar stores and purchased a bin of pink trinkets and jewelry to offer members who made a donation.  They raised over $275 in one day!

Pink for Making Strides.jpg

#17 - Bake Sale

In addition to collecting member donations through the week, the Southfield branch held a bake sale for the ACA walk on 10/12.  Members and staff raised several hundred dollars from staff and members.  One member, alone, started off the sale by purchasing over $40 in baked goods!

#20 - Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

With just one week before the event, the PDCU staff set a goal to raise $1,000 for the ACA Making Strides walk, Detroit.  Between individual fundraising and department events, we raised over $1,300 in one week!


The weather was very chilly, but six PDCU members participated along with over 25,000 other walkers.

#16 - Backpack

Recently while on a walk at lunch, I found a backpack. I was able to track down the owner and returned it 

#15 - Assisting a Worried Member

A staff member went above and beyond to assist a member.


  ... "When I told him, he started crying and without him knowing, I was emotional.  His wife was ill and he just had surgery and just needed a kind heart…
I felt good about it and had no regrets.  I didn’t do this for praise, I did it to give him a little peace…"

#14 - Bling Thing

I love jewelry and get many compliments on the jewelry I wear. On occasion I will purchase a piece of jewelry and place it on a co-workers desk…it may be something they admired I was wearing or something that I think they’d like. I like surprises and I think most people do too…its nothing big just something to brighten someone’s day.

Kathy sold "I'm a Blessing t-shirts to PDCU staff and her church members to raise money for "We Are One Community Unity" food truck.  This group, founded and run by Jerry Boykin distributes meals every Wednesday to those in need on the streets of Detroit.  He hasn't missed a Wednesday distribution in over 8 years!  Kathy can't often help with distribution, since it's during working hours.  So she decided to hold her own fundraiser and surprised Jerry with a $1,545 check.

Hope Clinic Ypsilanti..jpg

#12 - Two Sues do Food

        Recently retired executive assistant Sue K. proving she will not be resting in retirement. She joined forces with Sue W. who sits on our Board of Directors.  The two Sues volunteered at Hope Clinic, Ypsilanti, preparing Sunday dinner for those in need.

Traci Secretary of State.jpg

#9 - Shopping Cart Saver

A kind act which I regularly do is: When I go to a store with shopping carts, I always take a cart in with me, whether I need one or not.
I do this to save another person a tiny bit of work. 
I do it because that means that someone after me won’t have to look for a cart. I do it because I’m walking in, anyways - why not bring a cart in with me.

I do it so hopefully no ones car will get dinged by loose carts in the lot ... I do it, to be kind.
But also, when I’m done with my shopping and have unloaded my cart, I always try to take that cart back into the store for the next person, rather than leaving it in the parking lot, so now two people’s lives are a little easier.
It’s a little thing, and probably something no one else will notice.  But little acts may make someone else’s life a tiny bit easier.

#10 - Donations from the Chair

Claudia Brown Chapel.jpg

#11 - Secretary of State Save

I was at the security of state office recently.

I ran out of time to wait, but while on my way out I passed a very elderly couple struggling in the waiting line. I gave them my number. They went from 89 to 68. Their facial expressions were great, like they won the lottery!

#8 - Cards for Kindness

Cards for Kindness.jpg
Call Center Purple.jpg

Our Southfield Office front-line staff purchased kindness cards to randomly leave as surprises on people's work stations.  These cards have been popping up all year, and shared throughout the building to provide encouragement and sunshine to many!

McNamara water giveaway.jpg
Michael Taco Bell.jpg

#7 - Thanking the Bell Crew

I surprised the staff of my favorite Taco Bell with a big fruit arrangement. I eat here almost every day; They have a healthy power bowl entree (and hey! sometimes that's even what I order!) I see customers not always treat them very nice. But their team are always very friendly and nice to me. They know my name and my order and come out to say hi every day. I wanted to do something nice for them to brighten their day, like they do for me and hopefully inspire them to pay-the-kindness-forward.

#6 - McNamara Treats

 McNamara Branch purchased water and cookies for our Members.

#5 - Aaron Saves the Day

A member pulled into the drive thru almost a half hour after closing. She needed to cash a check to get gas. Unfortunately, All the Tellers had already balanced, closed and were unable to reopen.

Aaron asked " Would $10 help until she was able to cash her check? He decided to give the member $10 of his own money to help her get the gas she needed to get through the night. The member said he was a blessing and came back the next day to repay him.

#4 - Missed his Hot Dog

A member was sad that he had missed the free hot dog day, the week before.  I decided to go to my lunch and give him my bag of chips.  The gift was to let him know even though he missed our event we appreciate his membership.  He appreciated the gesture and I felt good sharing.  So both of our days were brightened!

#3 - Door Hold Selfie

As we were kicking off the 90 Acts of Kindness event, some of our staff came in early to be in the 90 Acts video.
On the way back in, Dave decided to be kind and hold doors through the airlock for the members waiting to come in.

When Courtney heard about the 90 Acts program, she was so impressed that she took this selfie to help tell the story and spread the kindness!

Dave door hold with member Courtney.jpg

#1 - $90 for 90 Acts

Our first reported act of kindness was anonymous from one of our

volunteer directors.

When they heard that PDCU would be having a table at a health fair in the McNamara Building, including a raffle for a Visa Gift Card, they donated $90 for us to use however we wanted for the event.

Instead of adding it to the main prize, we decided to make EVERYONE who stopped by our table a winner.


Her donation let us spread the word of 90 Acts of Kindness and give each person a dollar as a thank you for taking part.

$90 = 90 smiles

#2 - Haven House

PDCU CEO/President, Renee DeMarco

Donated many bags of supplies to Haven House, including: cleaning supplies, personal hygene items, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.  These items will help save them from having to purchase supplies for distribution to the needy participants in the house and allow them to focus their money on helping those in need.

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